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Billing Service

  • Claims creation.
  • Electronic and paper payments management.

Quality Management

  • Rejections management.
  • Billed coding error detection and correction.
  • Flagged Payments (Unapplied Reduction).

Billing Team Management

  • Productivity follow up.
  • Continuous Training.
  • Automatic corrections of human error.

Real time reporting

  • Dashboards and data analysis.
  • Definition and follow up of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

Team Work

  • Agile adaptation to changes in billing codes.
  • Weekly meetings to work: AR, denial and Rejections with a statistical and data point of view.
  • Conjoined work with your IT staff.

Local & remote assistance

  • We can provide a representative from our company to work directly on our client's office.
  • IT remote assistance when needed.

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of the billing income

Renames the PA as it
appears on Nextgen

Create or hold
PA's credentials

Assigns HRSA's ID

Turns symptoms
into codes

Unifies data and
encrypts it

Create a Google
Drive link

Locations, charges
and modifiers

Classify data
by biller and status

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